Food Pantry Rules and Regulations


All patrons will be required to register with the Freetown Regional Food Pantry

Proof of Residency will be required to register with the FRFP.
Patrons “MUST” present a valid utility bill, prescription, or other acceptable third
party validation of proof of residency upon “EVERY VISIT”. Validation cannot be
older than 90 days.

Only ONE person per household will be allowed into the facility per week,
excepting an aide for disabled, elderly, or handicapped patrons.
Patrons are allowed ONE visit per week and only ONE trip through the facility
per visit.

All items offered for distribution will have designated amounts allowed per
household, per visit, to be determined by the Food Pantry based upon availability.
No children are allowed in the building without prior authorization, NO

No wagons or strollers are allowed in the building. Only one approved cart or
three approved grocery-size bags will be allowed per household.
No BOXES or CONTAINERS of any kind will be provided by the food pantry.

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, The Freetown Regional Food Pantry will service the
following communities: Freetown, Berkley, Dighton, Lakeville, Middleboro,
Rochester, Fairhaven, Acushnet, Westport, Dartmouth, Fall River, Somerset and

Failure to follow any of these rules and general codes of conduct will result in
expulsion from the facility. No acts of aggression, threats of violence, yelling,
cursing, or disruptive behavior of any kind will be tolerated.

The Freetown Regional Food Pantry has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY with
regard to the aforementioned policies.

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